Alterations and Professional Tailoring Services
in Henderson, NV
                                By: Josie's Studio
Welcome to Alterations and Tailoring Services by Josie's Studio

Since 1992, Josie's Alterations and Tailoring has been serving the Henderson area for altering and repairing clothes. We specialize in custom fittings, re-sizing, and repairing of all types of clothes. Josie's Alterations and tailoring services specializes in altering wedding dresses, evening gowns, suits, casual garments, jeans, uniforms Leather and Suede are repaired and altered too!
 There is nothing like having a perfect fit when you want to dress to impress.

Wedding Dress

We understand how important your wedding is and you deserve to look your best in a perfectly fitted bridal gown.

Formal Attire

We have the experience to alter all your dress and suits with absolute perfection at prices you will love.

Household Fabrics

Looking to customize your drapery, tablecloth, or even pillow cases? Let us help you with your household project. 

Alterations Professional Tailoring Services Henderson

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